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Wellness and relax

SPA services are offered at Ses Bruixes Boutique Hotel

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ILLA Spa is the essence of Menorca.
It is water, fire and stone, pure nature.

ILLA is an island inside another island.


It is a space designed from the history, the cultural heritage, the energy and the infinite magic of Menorca. An alchemy laboratory, pure oils, floral essences, textures and scents of indigenous plants and herbs. A spa with formulations and treatments made to measure, with an own line of ILLA products, elaborated by expert islander hands and made with organic ingredients exclusively for Jardí de Ses Bruixes. A silent space, fully dedicated to wellness, health and the harmony of the body-soul. ILLA as a representation of the most ancestral and primal Menorca. ILLA inside an island…that awakens our senses and immerses us in a world of infinite sensations.

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