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Relaxation and well-being in illa Menorca

SPA services are offered at Ses Bruixes Boutique Hotel

Relax and revitalize your body, mind and soul.


Fogasses d'herbes

Massage with warm cloth sachets filled with wild olive tree, rosemary and bay leaves macerated in organic virgin olive oil.

This massage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, nourishes the skin and relaxes the spirit. Depending on the flowering season we add petals of flowers of Menorca.

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Macs calents

Feel the power of the hot stones and their capacity to absorb blocked energies.

The application of the oils through these stones liberates stress, anxiety and bone and muscular pain, balancing both blood circulation and the nervous system.

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The summum of relaxation. A massage that meshes pressure and friction on the back, head, face and neck. Physical and energetical benefits can be highlighted in this massage, which is linked to the central nervous system, favouring memory and concentration and diminishing anxiety and negative stress.

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Foot reflexology

A sensory experience that works on reflex zones over all the organism situated on the sole of the feet.

Gentle and deep massage that provides a general wellness feeling. The treatment includes a foot exfoliation with sea salt and aromatherapy in order to boost its effect

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Special for mothers

Relaxing massage exclusively for women during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Relieves leg pain, lumbar aches or fatigue due to weight gain, fluid retention and hormonal changes.

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Anticelulite with "wood therapy"

Massage of fast and rhythmic movements to combat and soften the obvious adipocytes in sight.

Naturally favours the elimination of toxins and enhances blood flow. Combination of manual techniques that use rollers and wooden utensils specially designed to balance energy, firm and tone the skin.

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Bonus 3 sessions - 30min 120€ | 60min 240€



A 100% personalized massage.

Choose the body area, intensity, aroma and time.

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