From Vicente Albertí to us

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The stories that endure
do so because they are special

From Vicente Albertí to us,
the story

The stories that endure do so because they are special - and our house is most certainly special. It starts with its protagonist, Vicente Albertí Vidal. Its origins date back to the beginning of the 18th century, when the Albertí family was granted the privilege of nobility.

Vicente Diego Albertí Mercadal, our protagonist’s great-grandfather, was knighted, which gave him his own coat of arms, which to this day still presides over the balcony of our façade. He would be succeeded by generations of illustrious notaries, doctors and high military officials, who would give descent and origin to Vicente Albertí Vidal, a man rooted in literature. Master of several classical and other modern languages, he is one of Minorca’s most important literary figures, who also raised the Minorcan language to the status of a literary language.

The work of Vicente Albertí is crucial, not so much because of his original works, a facet that in the pre-Romantic era did not enjoy particular importance, but because of his adaptations and translations of works by European authors of the 18th century such as Goldoni, Metastasio and Molière. Albertí, like few others, understood the theatre as a powerful path of culture and sophistication. Our protagonist Albertí acted to Europeanise the society of Enlightenment era Mahon.

Around the year 2000 Casa Albertí was acquired by a group of friends who shared different artistic disciplines: photography, design, architecture... and they reconfigured Casa Albertí, for the first time, as a guest house. They were following the legacy of our protagonist Albertí.

In 2018 it was acquired by a French couple with strong cultural ties and an affinity with the art world.

Our Philosophy

Following in the footsteps of our literary figure and the group of artists who restored the house in its first version as a hotel, complementing it with vintage pieces, works of art, design classics and giving it back its personality and vocation for open space, we can only continue the tradition and artistic heritage by opening our doors to any restless, sensitive person who vibrates with art, in any of its forms.

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